Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top 10 Hated Cartoons

So heres the list of all the Most Hated Cartoons.These includes some obvious and personal choices of mine.Enjoy!

I swear this was one of the most disgusting , filthy , monotonus , boring and ugly cartoons ever that ran on Cartoon Network for a very long time.I simply didnt get to know why did people or rather what did people/guyz see/saw in this.No story line..Ugly concept of army guyz chasing a helpless but luckiest sheep running all over the country.I just didnt like watching that General's beanpole legs and Sheep saying..."MAaaaaaaiinnn".

9 --> OSWALD
this was one of the cartoon network show for kids that drilled the soul out of all the humans watching the crap filled show.USP of this show was it came in Hindi as well as English.That made it worst as Hindi dubbing made it even worst than it was before.Slow picture theme , stupid dumb animals doing absolute out of the box boring stuff.
"How can you even watch their advertisment"
--3 year old cousin of mine.
8 --> Dragon Ball Z
Of all the longest animation series that Japanese made for slow and painfull tortures death for people like Akhil , Sidharth and I. This one comes right on crosshair.Never ending concept of some alien super powered guy(read Goku/Gohan) fighting against his best adversary called Freza and his army of uber ugly crap filled fighters.This world famous series is still aired on some or the other cartoon channel and still viewed by fresh idiots :)

7 --> Spongebob Squarepants
This is the actually viewed by toddlers and the kids who are going to be 'Teen soon' .This features a guy called Bob who is actually a Sponge(arrgh) and his team of friends.Statutory content :Theyl do horrible stuff that you cannot watch (nothing to do with age limit)..Its merchandise stuff creates more revenue than the show itself..so u can guess how bad it is

6 --> Cardcaptor Sakura & Pokemon
So as u can see there is a tie between them.Reason both are Japanese.Both have a extra strong and gripping story line.The first series was about a girl having magical powers to capture all the Magical and oh my god cards that flew accidently from some kind of Card prison and then creating havoc.
Pokemon(Pika Bikaa) was all about fictitious animal like characters having some or the other powers.Kids loved em.(gotta catch em all ..YUck!)

5 --> Noddy
This is most nostalgic and pukish fuzzy balled typed cartoon meant for toddlers and new crap filled kids.I could not watch this for more than 10 min at max.Though it had a nice soft and kind of appealing theme track but still it was so slow that i read it some daily that turtles and snails were seen saying word Blitzkreig!..imagine

4 --> Ed Edd & Eddy
Oh come on Sidharth this was never funny.The word that was meant for them was Manner(less) or seasoned .The series was all about three extra super dumb kids and their utter..sheer no sense and puke intensifying acts of disgust.God forbid if they were ever send to Britain for a week long excursion and knowledge enhancing trip..

3 --> Courage the cowardly Dog
A dog that is so coward that he scares from ants , shadows , and apparantly nothing!..yes nothing.Plus he had a circular hole in one of his two always visible tooth.Granny was awefull and so was perma sleepy grandpa.

2 --> Captain Planet
Anything or everything that i say for or against this super thrilling pro environment dude.Their was not one factor that made this cartoon one of the most hated one ever! . Awefull crapfilled OST track..ugly stupid kids capable of doing nothing and then saying Earth.. Fire ..Wind..Water..Heart and calling Capt Planet for help.Perfect plot for misery.

1. --> Teletubbies
The Mother of all cartoon/semi cartoon series.Crap King.Hands down and il dare not defame or rather bad mouth about this series...and i swear il never get into graphic details. And im proud to reveal this secret information that YES AKHIL BABEL HATES THIS SERIES.HE DID NOT SEE TELETUBBIES......AT ALL
"Game over"


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  2. Ok.. So now that the new concept of conversational comments has been gunned down brutally.. i should write without illustrious examples..

    Courage, Ed, Edd and Eddy were super-awesome cartoons..

    your list is biased against "Cartoon CARTOONS" wali series..!! WAR ON WITTMASTER!

  3. no im not against the series.
    i liked Dexter's Laboratory & Samurai Jack plus Pinky and the Brain..I m Weasel...so the list and i are not biased..apparently

  4. ed edd nd eddy series was simply awsum vinayak.
    nd dragon ball z wil always be my fav/ i dnt care about such lists..

  5. uh..this list is mine.I need not to be offensive or disrespectful to anyone but neither do i care about such comments ;)

  6. Bah!..(darn..cursing myself)
    but that is not a cartoon series neither it is like teletubbies that i would wave off any barrier for it..but i should have mentioned it.Sincere mistake.