Monday, April 20, 2009


Imagine using an internet connection of speed upto 154 mbps.(its called HTM 1)
Now what i use at my office may be called as "Yes we can open web pages"(of course it will take some undefined time..probably you will be at your home by the time it opens up but anyways.)
The point is not to induce bad blood or inflict moral damages to anyone but , in this era of high speed internet , without which you cannot even think of searching your desired content from trillions of billions of raw data. Imagine you are watching gmail's home page screen opening up and your eyelids talking themselves
"uh..dude how long are we gonna get bored watching the same thing again and again?!"
It took 4 hours to search for a small piece of information regarding government regulations on M commerce that by jove if it wernt my initial days in my office i would i screamed my veins out "I QUIT"..and i swear if it was my tall blonde friend from Western India (let me call him A), he would have filed an RTI against Airtel people seeking compensatin for traumatic experience he had that inflicted distortion in his mental and physical paraphernalia. But if it was my other tall friend from eastern India , he would have comepleted his work quietly qithout any hassle and bassle and then the moment he would be done he would have definately set fire on the whole office premises...and if I consider my friend Leonides he would have quit the job within ten to fiteen minutes quoting 'hostile and sleep inducing environment' ..Then rushed to his place to open his wooden HP system(as soon as possible) and then open gmail/skype/ymessenger and in next tabs/windows IMDB and youtube and then he would open up xha..(uh cant name this one due to unsuitable circumstances and stringent privacy policies ;)

The scene is so bad here that work efficiency has almost dried up here , employees are getting agitated (some of them are actually doing tai-chi) and the rest of them are about to join Mosad( phew).And the system administrater Mr.Tyaagi is working his ribs out to please autocratic bearbone to work in the fashion it should.

"God bless us with a T1 connection ASAP"

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  1. dude.. listen to this:

    Pehle mera internet bahut bekar chalta tha.. pages nahi khulte the.. raat ko bhain ka taka disconnect hota rehta tha.. meri zindagi ka koi matlab nahi bacha tha.. fir maine apna adapter badla.. mera net thoda better hua but woh abhi bhi gadhe ki goti choos raha tha..

    FIR MAINE DAALA UBUNTU.. ab meri zindagi mast ho gayi hai.. i download at full speed..

    thank you linux community..