Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Saint resurfaces

* correction required
Of all all the long and short , big and small shortcomings of my life the best scapegoat or if may say spiritual parachute that always helped me landing safely to normalcy is the concept of Sainthood(ie 'sant'..sometimes called 'santa' by friend of mine).Not only does this generous and so called being 'Budha' concept gives me an unbeatable mental strength but it also purifies the bad blood that stems inside my soul time after time.The concept is as simple as it sounds and as tough it can be...It says (Chinese acoustic music being played at the background )

"act as Lord Budha would have acted in the precarious situations in you are.Push yourself to limits.Detach yourself from the outer world..Think...think..Dont get angry 'cause it wont help you anyways(Leave all your worries and swines to your deity)..Dont get accustomed to any mortal thing..Try to live without all the things which you are hooked-up right now.(good food , good music , and what we friends used to call "Stuff" .There will be times when you will loose all your guts and glory and the only dish which you would like on the platter is Vengeance.BUT always remember one line as this may be your last resort.."Do Forgive all your enemies but dont Forget them" and there will also be times when only word that comes to your mind is how long..How long will you continue to behave in this outrageously stupid fashion?How long can you holdon to yourself from this unending vicious circle of 'entrapment'(Nice movie though) long can you be "Master Yoda" while you can be Darth Vader...and the answer lies in the question itself..And it is the moment you will get count Ducu to provide you monetary and economic sufficiency and princess Leia(terms and conditons applied).

Till then you can be Obeiwan Kanoebe and have a Chubaca of your own and drive away all the dark forces STILL existing in the galazy far far away...

In the process there will be The Barzinnis , Tattaglias , Sollozo in your life.You will get acquainted to Appollonias and some thunderous Sicilian stuff.But you have to be need to have Luca Brasi on your side and when you know you have become Vito Andolini..

My friend i may say so , the time has come to call yourself as a true 'Coreleone' and start building up your family as your life revolves around them..You get all the pleasures of your life from them as they may again say so "the feeling is mutual".

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