Monday, June 15, 2009


Even if someone would have dragged me by my collar to see GHAJINI in theatres my answer would have been the same of Leonides (300 fame).Its actually not the offense nor the adament cum arrogant side of mine that has anything to do with it.Its the reality that i faced in 90's while watching hindi movies, that reflected the genre contrasceptive scripts to multicolored three piece suits.
I finally saw Gajini or let me say..Hulkini.(hulk+gajini=Hulkini).The reason why i have quoted such a noticebale effort from Mr.Khan is the concept of yet another psycho movie stolen from white people,refurbishing it according to our need, like Bappi Lahiri...Anu Malik etcetra etcetra.Hiring a brilliant south indian musician.Sprinkling it with a beauty with awesome acting and thankfully with an authentic accent, rape like atrocities(read killing,butcher effects,bloodshed,people not at all excepting laws of physics specially those of Newton) an actor come bodybuilder who throws a guy by clinching from his fist.
Now let us see what we may call as a Quintin Tarantino meets Mithun Chakravarty goes to South and makes a movie Bloodshed..Sweet Emotions(read romance)..Revenge..More bloodshed..Flashback coming in and out of movie and godforbid if you are watching it on a television coz the moment you take a loo break or blink your eye you will be completely out of the sequence chain.
If it was the use of technology everyone would have patted Mr.Khan vigoursouly.I mean tatoos,only abs and an almost torturous muscle build and most importantly the use of poloroid camera which by my standards have absolutely never been properly utilised by any actor in any movie so resourcefully.The moment you see anyone you like "khiching".You cant remember or you are out of stick ons "tatoo your arm,bicep,chest,left upper ab,lower right ab i mean there are so many that you can write upon right.
Now "The End" of a what we may see a discriptive movie about revenge.The moment a spunned transfized metal rod(in hindi what we call as Sariya) is forcefully inserted into Mr.Khan's well built eight pack abs.Our Gajini or Sultan from Sarfarosh fame makes merry time and even knocks down Jiah Khan(how rude!)."Read this carefully"
On severe provocation Mr.Khan stand up, pulls out metal rod , thats by the way ten inchines inside his abdomen and throws at his adversary taking a head shot and knocking him completely out of 'now-you-cannot-fight' equation.Now he searches for something painstaking in manner and then like a perfect golfer takes aim of his head and Bang!.(by the way he's still very much alive like an ogre no wait...Hulk.Yeah thats it just like Hulk can bear any amount of artillery on his well build physique.)
Now can anyone tell me isnt that insane.I dare you wait i double dare you wont you say the script is fiction in nature.Do you really want me to believe such physics and human biology defying moments happening all at the same place same time!!
No doubt song sequences,narration,acting and somewhere acknowledgble romantic potray.Maybe im a bit harsh on these genres but i guess everything would fallen into correct places if it was printed "Fiction" on top of it.