Friday, April 3, 2009

The Blunt truth..

This story includes some of 'THE' misfits..some fictitious and some real characters.The story had to be narrated.It had to be presented truthfully and in some or the other mischievous angle.So here it goes..

part A "Hand of God"
One of my long time friend 'A' developed a crush cum infatuation cum oh my god! feeling for my another (i hate to say this but..) close friend.To cut the long story short, i get to know 'THE THING' when he was already over this.I didn't know how to react with this , but somehow i had a inner 'yeah baby!' kind of happiness that now this guy has actually tasted dirt.Nothing awful or disgusting or permute hatred about this but 'A' was a guy who always had a subconscious use and throw kind of nature for females..or let me re frame my sentence.He had a "go around but don't feel for them" stand on dating girls(and somehow i wonder what the hell does he actually do when hes with girls.I mean no offense he cant bed them of course)Plus you never know about the mental stature of the males of the community which he belongs to.They may go deep down to Mariana trench as far as going doing uber ugly things are concerned.Its not the hatred or biased monotonic viewpoint but the flow of thoughts or rather inner instincts that are deep down inside that are given to you by your forefathers to to you.

So this guys narrates me the story shading and sketching each detail which he should tell me as a Friend . Finally wrapping up with the fact that he possesses nothing now for her.on the other hand the OTHER friend of mine B is actually a girl with brains of eleventh grader.I can seize the story here by going digging some old graves over here but il revert back(as this may popularize my theoretical character sketched by some really tall west Indian friend of mine)

Now few days before, as pronounced by a 'Friend of mine' i was in a revealing mode.So while i was talking to B she skinned me by pulling me into a 'this cant get worst situation'.Things went by and i drew what i call..."First blood"(that is telling her A had an irreparable crush / infatuation / THE FEEL for you).She did not even blinked on that.Then i prayed to god and asked for 'weapon of god' or 'Divyastra' came with an evident smile on my face that could be seen even from the deep eastern ends of the mother earth...and then I used it.
I could sense her down and out feeling , leaving her with no space to hide.She retaliated back by saying it was noting like that and she cant believe this...somehow with some obvious shoving under the carpet i ended the conversation.

Part B "A fluke over the Queen's Garden"

I bluntly narrated the story page by page word by word to A.To my utter surprise he was shocked.He almost punched me back by saying do hell with you and your snobbish friendship.At that point the sound of breaking of a glass was heard by some rice farmers in Tutsi tribe in Africa.I said nothing ..i just stood their watching him walk over me with disgust and hate that stanched the whole area.I soon realized the kind of persona i carry with myself i cant shoot a guy by saying "dude im done with your oh my god u cant be more arrogant than this" and stupid acts of yours.It had to be some kind of blessing in disguise for me.Plus his constant character assassination and post war postmortem of people had left me scar faced with rest of my family and inner ring of friend circle.Its also a dubious fact that A was literally famishly hated by all of my acquantainces.
The moment he walked out on me i felt..awefull, but a moment later i thought now i am actually free of his spell.Spell of sarcasm unleashed on me..spell of a soul who is almost unmatchable but not at all meant for me.I felt top of the the time when Lucious Malfoy was threatned by Doby in Harry Potter.The Power was mine..Again!
So...where does this leaves me on the front.Left alone..No sir!
i have my inner circle of COMMITTED friends..Luca Brasi , A tall guy called Blondie and Leonides(obviously named changed)

Moral of the story
"revenge is the dish best served when cold"


  1. hahaha.. oBA!! i agree.. but ur still under the sarcy spell of leonides and blondie.... that is worse.. dont u think??

  2. as if i can do something about it..(duh)