Saturday, May 2, 2009

Top 10/25 Cartoons Of All times(long post warning)

After such an exhilirating and heart warming single digit replies on my previous post "Worst 10 Cartoons" , here i present(drum rolling and 20th century fox ost playing)...
"The Top 10/25 cartoons Of all Times" (Tadan!)

10 --> this spot is twin shared by Family guy and Ed Edd n Eddy.The best thing about family guy is its raunchy hard hitting expressive and getting into flashback comedy.On the other hand you may feel yourself into a series of dragged jokes or rather 'americanized' pattern , that makes no sense "et all". Whereas...
Ed Edd n Eddy was all about three young , on loose characters that will do anything(mind it anything) to push them far off limits to the word "civilized".But thats the most "oh yeah-ed" fun part about it.I mean they dont comply or complain if you dont watch them and reciprocating similiarly you should not what , when , how they do what we call "Stuff"

9 --> This spot is tri shared by Shin chan , He Man , Scooby doo !
Ok..i know they dont fit into the spot by any genre , taste , color , creed and the "Peeps" who watch them .(but its my list and its you who is reading . So..carry on Folks)

Shin chan all about a under age kid(for everything he's into) performing sinfull acts of stupidity and awesomess in a small suburb of Japan.Its slapstick ribtickling and sometimes heartfelt snobs can be termed as watchable in its Hindi dubbed version whereas its a totally Adult comedy in Japanese(not at all for child viewing..Not even if your 18 and living alone )
He man....i could not smother it to pieces or energize it.This is indeed one of the best cartoons series that ever happened to all age group of human strata..and "By the power of gray skull" each kid , whether in capri or shorts (count undies too) or even in his birthday suit would jump out , from his grave to watch his favourite each muscle built to perfection dude smacking Evil Skeletor and also to glance at Prince Adam's bangla chick oomph inducing X factor judge girl Tee-La / sorcerer or Man at arms daughter / Shee-ra.(phew!!...i have the poWERR!)
8 --> Penelope pitstop / Wacky races / Scooby all star laaf-e-lypics

"HAYLP me..Someone please HAYP me"..and then you see The Hooded Claw rubbing and clasping his hands , lustlily cum patiently looking at a helpless Penelope hanging or tied for her..Death. But (figuretively not imaginatively) Ant Hill Mob always end the damsel in distress's misery on time like Mithun da or if you are southy then Rajnikanth.Best part being the character of each Mob hill guyz (Clyde ,DUm DUm, pockets,SNoozysofty,YAK yak and zippy..sorry for the orkuttish font style).The same pattern was carried off in The Wacky Races but fusing few more characters..and they will be..(300's "we'l fight in the shade track")
1.Dirk Dastardly and mutley in their OO Machine
2. Slag brothers in Bouldermobile
3.The gruesome Twosome in the creepy coupe
4.Professor PAt pending in convert a car
5.Red max in crimson havbailer
6.Penelope Pitstop in compact pussycat(^_^)
7.Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly in the Army Surplus Special 6
8.The Ant Hill Mob in the Bulletproof Bomb 7 (Chug-a-boom) (the Roaring Plenty)
9.Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear in the Arkansas Chuggabug 8
10.Peter Perfect in the Turbo Terrific 9 (the Varoom Roadster)
11.Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth in the Buzz Wagon 10
Scooby all star...Had 3 sides yogie yahooies , scooby dobies and the Roten scounderls.Not to mention rotten won only once in the entire series plus it was a gala et a voila treat jaun seven course treat to watch snaglepuss and his co host.(thank you Hanna Barbera)

7 -->Men in Black / Arabian Nights
Agent Jay and Agent Kay were the first men in Uptown Newyork to move their shoulders that while walking they could easily push aside a robust jat or punjabi breaking and entering line on a local mother dairy both.Be it Jeebs , the talking dog, the uber cool latest made to order Guns the series had a pinache storyline and a gripping mystery to each of its episode.Making it really diffult to leave an episode in between.
Iago , Kaleen, Gee(-Nahi),Abu(dhabi) , Belly dancer show girl aka Jas-Mean and Allah-Din(no Offense to anyone green or saffron in religious matters).Each part had a new concept , a new PHRESH character and a feel good end. Which made the so called alladin series a must watch for every newbie kid on the block (so tha he can discuss the same with his friends next day in school and impress ahh-tee-tuhde filled girls in his you feel lucky ..Punk!)
6--> Centurions / Superman

so if you were three friends , three brother sisters or similar tv viewing criteria then every Kewl wanted to be the Guy who ruled Sky then the guy who ruled Earth and then water.Nice series..Must watch..Feel good..Bad guys you are history.

Of all the concepts that ever occured to writers this was the Super hero which remained a eggstra special super hero even if he was working for Daily Planet. Fighting crime , impressing Louis , keeping safe distance from Kryptonite (just like you should from Star Plus and Colors these he was not into Roadies & Splitsvilla so that made him public envy but little did he cared about. ) Strength enough to stop an airplane right in air , thats like (100 million quatrillion pounds of strength per nano second per zano meter in his left hands smallest finger) huge. Great ost(original sound track..showing off useless knowledge) great animation, story line , character sketch, power durability and everything that was required for a successfull cartoon(including chemical X which was later used by powerpuff girls)

5 --> Swat cats / Tom n jerry/Dexters Laboratory/ Powerpuff Girls
Swat Cats --> everyone wanted to be Chance Furlong (alias: T-Bone) and Jake Clawson (alias: Razor and not Bade miyaaon and chote miyaaon..yuck!...just like calling Lord Voldermort Anishtdev)

Tom n Jerry - All time classic cat n mouse comedy for all age group.The series had some crusifying moments of comedy of errors that made late Yasir Arafat , Bill Clinton , Sad-Dam Ghus-ain , Pete Sampras and Atal Bihari Vajpayee(who knows) as the top fan followers of all times.

Dextres Laboratory / Powerpuff Girls

Dee-dee and dexter..Blossom, Buttercup , Bubbles(my Favourite and Mojo-Jojo's too) sheesh.Must watch , hands down end of discussion.

4. --> X men Evolution/Looney tunes/PInk Panther

"Whats up doc" is easily the most heard line even these days. Daffy ,bugs , Elmur etc where the show stoppers of the ninenties and even eighties.

X men series is meant for the we-dont-bother -about-you generation(that has nothing to do with Mtv now days).Gene-gray, Logun aka Wolverine, professor X , Scott , storm , Magneto and Gambit were the characters that were must for a kid growing up in the last decade-era. Needless to say more.

Pink Panther = ost +witty comedy+ i cant watch it anymore god its funny!

3.-->Duck Tales / Gummy Bears/ Tales Spin

So if u have not made your "zindagi Toofani" and been a fan of Scrooge Mc duck, Launchpad, mrs Beekley , Gyro-gearloose (and yes recently my password was Sharing-ga-potinga) , Beagle boys & Lue due n Yue(not yun-hee..hindi*) or if you have not tasted Gumym berry juice and burn the hell out of Ogres in Scottish outbacks and fly a plane recklessly against sky pirates that were cruelly funny to kill you with their one liners and had friends like Punter or rib cruncher orangutan then probably you are a waste(yeah..if you have not seen either of them then watch love story 2050 or rab ne bana de jodi or Hello or Deshdrohi or Sawanriyaan and die or go download them/rent tit wateva)

2.--> Samurai Jack & Justice league

A lone samurai's vengeance to his best adversary called akku.Symbol of darkness..built behind a backdrop of Authentic japanese culture..i hope its enough.

Batman , superman , Flash, John Jones, Hopgirl , Wonder woman("hayra madad karein") and Green Lantern of sector 214 against..each knows state of the art imported built to torture and not kill villians. I advice (not suggest) readers to please watch this.Each episode is an honor to watch.

1. Batman The animated series

Batman = Best

joker = BEst

Penguin = Best

Scarecrow =Original and authentic

Catwoman = nice and awesome ..all in all its not just another animated series.This is THE best.Hands down.I cannot boast or show off about a legend that needs no introduction..a super hero that fancies to work alone & Die alone manner.Has everything built for kill and logic that defies physics and all laws of newton.(what are you waiting for...Dragon ball z to be on air?..SEE Batman and be a MAN!..DO the right thing)